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It would have been possible for me to put my plan into action right then, but I had bigger and better ideas.
  Moscow escort Another trip to the electronics store yielded the equipment that I needed. Another micro-camera was placed discreetly in the midst of my electronics equipment directly in front of the sofa. This would yield a low angle frontal view of the user. Another camera was placed above the bar in the kitchen which would give a view from behind that would show the user as well as what was playing on the video monitor. I wired the video recording units to the power switch on the main playing unit which Doris would use. Escort MoscowThe final touch was set another machine to record what was being played on the monitor so I could later see what was on the screen and the actions of the user at the same time. After several hours of work, I was satisfied that all the equipment worked properly and that all the cameras were satisfactorily inconspicuous. When all was set, I couldn't help replaying the video of Doris getting herself off. As I watched her thighs slap together, and hips buck off the sofa, my dick was rock hard and I desperately hoped I could pull this off.
I figured that Doris may only dare to watch the videos every couple of weeks, so I set my mind for a long wait. I was pleasantly surprised when I returned home the next Tuesday, and opened up the recording cabinet to find that the tapes connected to the video system had been recorded on. It took several hours to compile the multiple videos to get this scene:
As with the last tape, Doris had arrived early and hurried quickly through her chores.
As she finished up and moved her cart towards the door, it was apparent that she was moving with pre-determined intent. This wasn't an idea that came up on the spur of the moment, she had been thinking about this for a while. She placed the cart in front of the door again, presumably to give herself additional time to get herself together if I came home unexpectedly, then she too a small feather duster with her as she walked to the video rack. Doris took the pornos from the bottom rack, examined them for a moment, selected one and walked to the video machine.
After turning on the video machine and inserting the video, she returned to the couch. Her left hand immediately went to her right breast as she raised the remote to start the tape. Her face was already flush, and it was apparent that she knew what scene or scenes she was looking for. The tape was fast-forwarded through the ads and FBI Warning and even through the first couple of scenes. I found it interesting to see the scene that she stopped at. It was a woman who spent considerable time masturbating before being surprised by a man. As the scene unfolded with the woman rubbing her tits and pussy through her clothes, Doris seemed to follow along. As the woman on the screen rubbed her nipples, Doris flicked her own and massaged her ample boobs through the ever present loose T-shirt. The woman on the screen got heavily into it and removed her pants and panties. Doris' breathing was heavy, her slight belly pushing against her T-shirt and retracting. The woman on the screen was now naked and I was surprised when Doris lifted her own shirt over her head. Her boobs appeared heavy, bound in the white, silky cups of her bra. Her thick belly sagged slightly over the belt line of her jeans and her stomach continued to contract and expand with her heavy breathing. She continued to massage her boobs with one hand while she undid her pants with the other.
The free hand was unceremoniously jammed down her pants and began working heavily on her clit. As the woman on the screen was bringing herself to orgasm, Doris was getting close herself. Her thighs clamped together again and there were a couple of quick intakes of breath as her ass bucked slightly from the sofa. All this was expected as I had seen it before, but what happened next completely shocked and thoroughly aroused me.
As the man entered the room on the screen surprising the woman, Doris lifted her ass and pushed her jeans and panties around her ankles again. The woman on the video began sucking the mans cock and Doris seductively sucked two of her own fingers while two fingers of her other hand were busily working in and out of her snatch. Finally the man on the screen pushed the woman down lifted her legs over his shoulders and plunged his cock into her pussy. As soon as he drove his rod home, I watched wide-eyed as Doris reached for her duster and slipped the stubby handle into her own pussy. As the fucking continued on the screen, Doris fucked her self faster and faster with the duster while pinching and pulling her nipples with the other hand. Her thighs clamped together and her ass raised off the couch with her face contorted in intense pleasure. Her body jerked time and again as it was racked with wave after wave of orgasm. Her pleasure seemed to subside momentarily then the man on the screen who had been pounding his partners pussy mercilessly, lifted his cock to her face and across her cheek and into her hair. Seeing this, Doris came again, this time clamping her legs together so tightly that she couldn't move the duster if she had wanted to. Her body rolled sideways on the sofa and jerked uncontrollably and I actually see her juices run down her leg from behind.
Doris lay still on the sofa for a few minutes then as her breathing subsided to somewhat normal; she slipped to the floor on her hands and knees. This looked to be an effort to keep more of her juices from landing on my sofa. She stopped the video and just sat looking at the blank screen for a few minutes. Finally, she stood and pulled up her panties and jeans, but when she bent to retrieve her bra, her knees buckled slightly and she had to sit down on the couch. The thing that struck me most was the incredible smile and look of satisfaction she had on her face. She soon got herself together, finished dressing, replace the videos, and after rinsing the duster off, took it back to the cart. She returned with a rag and with her face still flush gave the leather sofa a few cursory wipes before taking another look another look around the apartment pushing her cart out the door.
I couldn't believe what I had just seen. I knew I had just seen something that had never been intended for anyone's eyes, something so private that I doubted that she ever allowed another living person to see it. My cock was raging. I was so attracted to this woman that I had to make this plan work.

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My First Lap Dance
I love to dance as an escort.
  Escort MoscowPerforming striptease is my specialty. But, rarely I get chance to show my seductive dance moves. One day, I got an opportunity to perform a sensual lap dance and that too on a hot cop’s lap.
The guy was really tired after stressful hours of strict duty and took a half day off to spend time with me. We went to dinner to get to know each other.  He was really good looking; he was clean shaven, well build, striking blue eyes and blonde hair. It was quite a rare chance to date a person with no fat on his abs.
He told me he didn’t have a girlfriend because he didn’t have free time at all. Moscow escort On top of that, cops have bad reputation all over the world. Girls are just scared of meeting a cop. It was so nice to see him opening up. Thanks to the restaurant. The food was excellent. 
Then, we went to my apartment. As I shut the door, he told me he was looking for something special, not normal sex like a husband wife. I told him not to worry because he is going to have a best night of his life now. I pulled out a chair made him sit on it. Then, I started playing a seductive track removing my clothes one by one.  Within 10 minutes, I was in my undergarments.  His eyes were wide open to see my naked body. I could see the bulge building inside his pants.
Then, I sit on his lap, unzipped his pants along with underwear to pull out his big cock. After that, I placed my cock inside my vagina and start performing lap dance moves.  His cock moved in all direction as I did dance moves. Soon I achieved an orgasm. I started panting heavily. Looking me in heat, the guy pushed me to bed and kissed me from top to bottom. My lips, neck, tits were all filled with his sweet kissed.  After satisfying himself from kissing, he spread my legs and inserted his cock gently inside my body. 
It was so nice to see that being a tough guy he knows how to treat women’s body. He kept on fucking till he ejaculated inside my body.  After that, both of us went to deep sleep.
He was gone when I woke up. He left a red rose with a sweet note thanking for such a lovely night. He told me he would come back again to me whenever he needs to distress.
He kept his promise. Within 2 months, he booked my service again for romantic dinner cum bed service. Like first night, the sex was also fabulous this time.
First time in my life; I felt proud as an escort girl and have deep respect for guys in uniform too. My message to all women
“Don’t be scared of them at all. They are much better than arrogant programmers and corporate honchos who treat women like shit. They look tough from outside; but inside they have a soft heart like a kid. You just have to be nice to them.

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My name is cesar, I'm 18 and 5'11, dark hair and I try to keep in shape. Moscow escort I have a pretty wide build, and people tell me i have big arms and a strong sturdy back that is well defined. My girlfriend is the same age, 5'3 short brown hair, an ass that makes you cry and a body that you wouldn't believe. We have been together for 2 years now. We have been through some crazy adventures together but this other day takes the cake without a doubt. It all started that Saturday morning. I woke up to a very delightful text of her saying that today was going to be a day to remember. This got me rilled up right away and I couldn't stop thinking about what she could be planning. I was ecstatic to say the least. This was a big date that was supposed to take up the whole day, it was our anniversary and I wanted to make it memorable. I started to get dressed in my favorite dress shoes and some dark blue pinstriped pants and a red button up shirt with a white stylized vest. Escort Moscow I rolled up my sleeves because I was tolled once that girls like to see a mans forearm.

I got in my car and started to drive to her house. It was excruciatingly long. I could not wait to see what she had in store for me. I was getting hard just thinking about it. When I got to her house she came out instantly. She dressed to kill with some black two inch heels, some a plad knee length skirt, a brown braided belt, a white stylized shirt that cupped her breast just right, and a necklace that I gave her for our first anniversary. As she got in the car she gave me this huge sexy kiss that sent shivers down my spine, and I gave it back to her, pulling her in close, and circling her tongue with mine and running my hands through her hair with my free hand. After about ten seconds of this, she pushed me softly to my side of the car, and with a blush on her face, pointed foreword telling me to go.

As I was driving to our destination I felt her hand on my thigh start to slowly find its was up. I tried to keep a straight face and look at the road. She continued to find her way up my leg, making contact with my big friend down stairs and started to stroke him. I let out a slight moan to tell her that I liked what she was doing, and then I felt her un-buttoning my pants and slowly taking my cock out of its cage. Then she took my eight inches in her hand and started to stroke up and down and then I saw her lower her head and spit on him, lubricating him and sliding her hand up and down faster, spreading her spit over the length of my cock. And then she slowly started to lick the head of my dick while still stroking it. Then she took an inch into her mouth and back up, then back down, taking just an inch more till she was all the was was down all the way and into her sexy throat. She was going up and down, and before I knew it, I had one hand in her hair and was fucking her mouth, and when my attention came back to the road, I realized that I was going ten over the speed limit. I slowed down immediately. And she came up, kissed me on the cheek and sat back down in her seat. I didn't really experience blue balls till that moment there, I would have done anything to cum I. That moment, but I got the feeling she was saving something for later.
The first part of our date was breakfast at a Starbucks, nothing much until I saw that she was squirming in her seat, giving me a really sexy look. And as she looked at me, she guided her foot up my leg and pressed against my big friend And then she took a bite out of a chocolate chip cookie with a smirk on her face and I was going crazy. Then we started to take a walk down town, looking at the store fronts and enjoying art galleries. Every now and then I tried to give her some pay back by squeezing her ass and spanking her when no one was looking. Eventually we got to a movie theater and I was pleasantly surprised to find that we were really the only ones in the theater besides couple people in the front row. We got in the very back and I was excited to see what this two hours ahead of us was going to yield. We sat down and she started to cuddle into each other. Then she started to kiss down my chest. Slowly and torturously she got to my pants. She was softly kissing up and down my growing bulge, licking every now and then. And then she took my zipper in her teeth and pulled down as she undid my button with her hands. Then she started to pull my pants down. Then she started to suck on the tip of my length through my boxer briefs. Making circles with her tongue. As she was doing this I was slowly gliding my hand down her back, and softly squeezing her ass, but then she looked up at me and with a stern face, told me to stop and enjoy what was to come, as she gave me a sexy wink. Then she went back down and slowly started to pull my boxers down, slowly revealing more and more of my dick until it popped out and snaked against her lips. She licked all the way up the length of my shaft and kissed the head and started to lick circles on the top. Then she licked all the way down and took one of my balls in her mouth and sucked on it and licked them both. I was going crazy.
And then she licked back up and took me all the way in, gagging as I hit the back of her throat. And the. She went up and down so fucking fast, as she played with my balls in her hand. Then I tangled my hands in her hair I fucked her mouth, and then gave her control again and within just a few minutes, I felt myself about to cum, I told her and she wrapped her mouth around me and milked him for all he was worth, then she came up, stuck her tongue out to show me all my cum, and then she swallowed and gave me a big kiss. As we kissed I pushed her onto her back and started to kiss her neck softly and occasionally I licked and bit it softly. She started to run her hands through my hair, and I sucked on her neck just a little bit, not enough to leave a mark, but enough for her to pull on my hair. Then I started to kiss lower, biting her nipple through her shirt, and pinching the other in my free hand. Making her moan and squeal just a little bit. Then I kissed my way down her stomach and when I got to her pelvis I started to lift her shirt up and kissed my way back up to her maculate breasts. I reached behind her back and undid the clasp behind her back and kissed the top part of her tits. Then, sliding her bras off, I took her breast into my mouth and sucked on it with much might and squeezed the other. Occasionally I would lick and bite one nipple lightly while I pinched and pulled the other as hard as I could. She really likes it rough when it came to her boobs. And all this time I was massaging her clit over her skirt with my free hand. And after a while I started to kiss downward. Kissing the top of her thighs through her skirt and down her calves. Then I looked into her eyes and started to lick my way up her legs, and lifting up her skirt I licked all the way up the inside of her thighs and when I got all the way up, I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was not wearing any underwear. 
I stopped just in front of her pussy lips, giving a hot breath to tease her, and she started to moan and squirm. Begging me to lick her already, the suspense was killing her. Then, I licked along the outer rim of her now raging lips. And she gave a small shriek. That little shriek of pleasure drove me crazy and I licked up the length of her pussy, getting as many juices of hers into my mouth. She tasted sweet, the sort of sweet that makes your eyes close in pleasure. I never wanted to stop tasting that sweet, sweet juice. I licked all the way up. And flicked her clit with my tongue. Then I wrapped one hand around her leg and pressed down on this area a few inches up from her clit. She loves that spot. And as I circled and gently sucked on her clit, I took one finger, and slowly pushed it in. Twisting slowly as I pulled it out, and then repeated, over and over. She was screaming at me to go faster and faster. And then I felt this little bump start to grow on the inside of her pussy. It was really small and hard to notice, but I felt it all the same. Instinctively I started making a come hither motion with my finger. Trying to embrace this wonderful little bump. Then I realized that she was about to cum with only a minute of these. She was shouting in a hushed voice "Oh fuck", and "oh god yes baby please!" As well as other Incomplete sentences. Then I put a second finger in and started to double the pace of my "come hither"motion, doing it in tandem with my other finger. then I got the best surprise I could have ever asked for. She started to squirt all over my face. She came in waves, first with a heavy flow of her sweet nectar, then it started shooting out, I tried to get as much as could in my mouth but there was so much, and then the squirting subsided and she flowed heavy once more and then it began to trickle down.
Everything around us was soaked, and I felt her pulling on my hair, bringing me up to kiss her. And she kissed me harder than she had ever kissed me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and started to grind herself onto my crotch. She ground herself into me hard. Then she stopped kissing me just long enough to tell me that she needed all of me then and there. Her hands found their way to my raging cock and squeezed it and told me that it was hers. That turned me on so fucking much, and I shoved all eight inches into her tight little pussy and she squeezed me in with her legs and pulled my head to her chest. I started to shove my cock into heras hard and as fast as I could. I took one of her breasts in my mouth and sucked as I fucked her deep inside. We fucked for a good twenty minutes more. We embraced each other and held each other tight, and then we both came in unison. It was spectacular, our body's starting to convulse in tandem, each wave of or orgasms hitting each other, combining into the best orgasm either of us had felt up to that point in our lives. We held each other tight for good long time, never wanting to do anything else, we didn't look anywhere else, we were focused on each other. Nothing could take us apart. We felt like we were one at that point. Then we both eventually got back up, and saw that the credits we rolling, and we both started to chuckle and hold each other tighter. I will never forget that moment, but of course, there would be many more adventures between us. Many more ;)


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Меня зовут Цезарь, мне 18 лет, я высокий накачанный брюнет. Escort Moscow Я люблю заниматься спортом, поэтому я всегда в хорошей форме. У меня есть девушка. Она моя ровесница, у нее короткие темные волосы, шикарное тело и очень сексуальная задница. Мы встречаемся уже 2 года и мы многое пережили вместе, об одном из наших приключений хочу сейчас рассказать. Все началось в субботу утром. Моя девушка позвонила мне утром и сказала, что приготовила для меня сюрприз. Это был день нашей годовщины. Заинтригованный, я встал, принял душ и стал одеваться. Я обул свои любимые туфли, брюки в полоску, красную рубашку и белую жилетку. Я закатал рукава на рубашке, так ка где-то слышал, что девушек заводят голые мужские руки. Moscow escort Я сел в машину и поехал к ней. Дорога показалась мне нестерпимо длинной, я спешил получить свой сюрприз. Я подъехал к дому и позвонил сказать, чтобы она спускалась. Через три минуты Джуна вышла из дома. На ней были сапоги на шпильке, короткая юбка, белая блузка, которая соблазнительно приоткрывала ее грудь и ожерелье, которое я подарил ей год назад. Сев в машину, она схватила меня за волосы и притянув к себе страстно поцеловала. От этого поцелуя у меня по телу побежали мурашки. Через минуту она оттолкнула меня и сказала ехать. На ее щеках играл румянец, а на губах озорная улыбка.
В пути я почувствовал, как ее рука легла мне на бедро и стала меня гладить. Я пытался оставаться невозмутимым и следить за дорогой, но это было чертовски трудно. Она нащупала мой член и начала гладить его, иногда сжимая. 
Я издал стон и, повернувшись к ней, сказал, что мне очень нравится то, что она сейчас делает. Она улыбнулась, расстегнула ширинку на моих брюках и достала мой член. Наклонившись и плюнув на него, рукой она начала водить по нему вверх-вниз, заставляя меня возбуждаться, а член твердеть. Решив, что этого недостаточно, она опустила голову и взяла его в рот. Ее язычок нежно водил по головке и вдоль всего члена, а мягкие губы нежно всасывали его. Я взял ее за волосы и прижал еще ближе и начал трахать в рот. Я так увлекся, что не заметил, как превысил допустимую скорость. Как не было тяжело, но я попросил ее остановиться, чтобы мы не попали в аварию. Она подняла голову, вытерла ротик, чмокнула меня в щеку и села на свое место. Мне очень хотелось кончить, но я подумал, что если сдержусь сейчас - потом получу больше.
Мы приехали в кафе и заказали на завтрак кофе с пирожными. Джуна сидела напротив меня и буквально извивалась на стуле, принимая разнообразные сексуальные позы. А когда она начала есть пирожное, облизывая ложку, мой член опять начал вставать. После завтрака мы решили прогуляться по городу. Когда никого не было рядом, я не упускал возможности шлепнуть ее по заднице. Нагулявшись, мы решили сходить в кино. Моей радости не было предела, когда войдя в зал, мы увидели лишь пару человек на первом ряду, остальные места были свободны. Мы сели на последний ряд и, не дождавшись начала сеанса, Джуна начала целовать меня. Начав с шеи, она медленно спускалась все ниже и ниже. Расстегнув штаны, она взяла мой член в руку и сжала. Языком она играла с головкой, а рукой двигала вверх-вниз.
Я гладил ее спину, а потом моя рука залезла ей под юбку и легла на ее округлые ягодицы. Джуна остановилась, подняла на меня глаза и попросила не торопить события, а просто расслабиться и получать удовольствие. Я последовал ее совету, откинулся на спинку кресла и закрыл глаза. Она вылизывала мой член от основания до головки, затем поочередно облизывала и сосала мои яйца. Я сходил с ума от наслаждения и еле сдерживал себя, чтобы не кончить в ту же минуту. Нет, я хотел продлить это удовольствие. Она вернулась к члену и стала заглатывать его целиком, не переставая руками массировать яйца. Я не смог сдержаться, схватил ее за волосы и оттрахал в рот. Когда я кончил, она высунула язычок, показала мне мою сперму и проглотила ее. Затем она поправила прическу и села на соседнее кресло.
Теперь настала моя очередь. Я начал целовать ее в шею: иногда нежно, иногда покусывая. Затем расстегнул рубашку, застежку бюстгальтера на спине и стал играть с ее грудью. Сжимая ее рукой, языком я щекотал ее соски, брал полностью в рот  и сосал их как маленький ребенок. О, я любил ее сиськи! Потом я решил опуститься ниже, целуя ее живот и пупок. Джуна застонала. Одной рукой я продолжал щипать ее за соски (она это безумно любила), а другой нащупал клитор и начал массировать его, слегка надавливая. Пальцем я чувствовал, что ее трусики стали мокрыми, моя девочка хотела меня.
Я опустился на колени, задрал ее юбку и начал целовать ее ножки. Я водил языком по внутренней стороне ее бедер, а она стонала все громче и громче. Я решил не дразнить ее так долго, как дразнила она меня, а сразу переходить к делу. Я поднялся к ее половым губкам, облизал сначала одну, потом другую, а затем раздвинул их, переходя к самому интересному. Когда языком я начал играть с ее клитором, она негромко вскрикнула. Вылизывая ее киску, я всасывал в себя все ее соки. Она была очень сладкой на вкус, что всегда меня возбуждало. Хорошенько вылизав ее пещерку, я вернулся к клитору, а во влагалище засунул палец. Таким образом, я одновременно трахал ее пальцем и лизал клитор, создавая двойную стимуляцию. Я согнул палец, который был в ней и стал двигать им вперед-назад. Она еще больше выгнулась мне на встречу и задрожала. Я засунул второй палец и стал трахать ее двумя, всасывая и покусывая ее клитор, я увеличивал темп. «Да…да... да…о, малыш,  трахай меня…!», -стонала она, потом ее ноги напряглись и затряслись мелкой дрожью. Моя девочка кончила. Я поспешил просунуть свой язычок ей в дырочку, чтобы испить ее сок до дна. Но сока было так много, что он потек у меня по лицу и по ее ногам.
Все вокруг нас пропиталось запахом секса. Я почувствовал, как она тянет меня за волосы вверх, она хотела, чтобы я поцеловал ее. Она поцеловала меня, жадно облизывая мои губы, на которых оставался ее сок. Затем она обвила ноги вокруг меня и стала тереться своей промежностью, говоря, что это еще не все, что она хочет большего. Она хотела мой член, и она его получила. Расстегнув мне ширинку, она снова взяла его в руку и потянула ко рту. Ее растрепанный вид и неистовая страсть безумно возбуждали меня. Мой член опять был в боевой готовности. Я схватил ее за задницу, слегка приподнял и насадил ее тугую киску на свой член. Я трахал ее быстро и сильно как только мог, это была какая-то животная страсть. Наклонив голову, я ртом поймал ее грудь, прикусил сосок зубами и стал сосать. Я трахал ее около 20 минут, я не хотел останавливаться, я хотел, чтобы она визжала как грязная сучка. И она это делала. Потом мы одновременно кончили, сжав друг друга в еще более крепких объятьях. Волны оргазма накрывали нас снова и снова и мне казалось, что это будет длиться вечно. Когда все закончилось и мы пришли в себя, мы оделись и тихонько вышли из зала. Никогда прежде ни я ни она не испытывали ничего подобного, это несомненно был самый лучший секс в нашей жизни.


modelos de escolta Madrid

Mi nombre es cesar, tengo 18 años y 5'11, pelo oscuro y yo trato de mantenerme en forma. Tengo una muy amplia acumulación, y la gente me dice que tengo grandes brazos y una espalda fuerte robusto que está bien definido. Moscow escort Mi novia es de la misma edad, 5'3 pelo castaño y corto, un culo que te hace llorar y un cuerpo que no se puede creer. Hemos estado juntos desde hace 2 años. Hemos pasado por algunos locas aventuras juntos, pero esto otro día se lleva la palma sin duda. Todo empezó el sábado por la mañana. Me desperté con un texto muy agradable de ella diciendo que hoy iba a ser un día para recordar. Esto me llenaba de inmediato y yo no podía dejar de pensar en lo que podría ser la planificación. Yo estaba muy emocionada por decir lo menos. Esta fue una gran cita que se suponía iba a tomar todo el día, que era nuestro aniversario y quería hacerla memorable. Empecé a vestirme en mis zapatos de vestir favoritas y unos pantalones a rayas azul oscuro y una camisa de color rojo con un chaleco blanco estilizado. Escort Moscow Rodé mis mangas porque estaba peaje una vez que las niñas les gusta ver un antebrazo del hombre
Me metí en mi coche y empecé a conducir hasta su casa. Era terriblemente largo. No podía esperar para ver lo que tenía reservado para mí. Me estaba poniendo dura sólo de pensarlo. Cuando llegué a su casa salió al instante. Ella vestida para matar con unas dos pulgadas talones negros, algunos de una falda hasta la rodilla plad longitud, un cinturón trenzado marrón, una camisa blanca estilizada que ahuecó su pecho justo, y un collar que le di para nuestro primer aniversario. Mientras ella se subió al coche que me dio este beso enorme atractivo que envió escalofríos por mi columna vertebral, y me lo devolvió a ella, tirando de ella en estrecha y rodeando su lengua con la mía y pasando mis manos por el pelo con la mano libre . Después de unos diez segundos de esto, ella me empujó suavemente a mi lado del coche, y con un rubor en su rostro, señaló prólogo me dice que vaya.

Mientras conducía a nuestro destino sentí su mano en mi muslo inicio para encontrar lentamente fue hacia arriba. Traté de mantener una cara seria y mirar el camino. Ella continuó encontrando su camino hasta mi pierna, haciendo contacto con mi gran amigo por las escaleras y comenzó a acariciarlo. Dejé escapar un leve gemido de decirle que me gustaba lo que estaba haciendo, y luego sentí su un-abrochándose los pantalones y poco a poco tomando mi polla de su jaula. Luego tomó mis ocho centímetros en la mano y comenzó a acariciar de arriba abajo y luego la vi bajar la cabeza y escupió sobre él, lubricante y deslizando su mano hacia arriba y hacia abajo más rápido, extendiendo su saliva sobre la longitud de mi polla. Y entonces ella poco a poco empezó a lamer la cabeza de mi polla mientras sigue acariciándolo. Luego tomó una pulgada en su boca y una copia de seguridad, y luego hacia abajo, teniendo tan sólo una pulgada más hasta que estuvo toda la era bajó hasta el final y en su sexy garganta. Ella iba de arriba abajo, y antes de darme cuenta, tenía una mano en el pelo y estaba follando su boca, y cuando mi atención volvió a la carretera, me di cuenta de que me iba diez sobre el límite de velocidad. Reduje la velocidad inmediatamente. Y ella se acercó, me dio un beso en la mejilla y volvió a sentarse en su asiento. Yo realmente no experimento bolas azules hasta ese momento no, yo habría hecho todo para correrse I. Ese momento, pero tengo la sensación de que estaba ahorrando algo para más adelante.

La primera parte de nuestro día era el desayuno en un Starbucks, nada más hasta que vi que ella se retorcía en su asiento, y me da un look muy sexy. Y mientras miraba a mí, ella guió su pie por mi pierna y se apretó contra mi gran amigo y luego tomó un bocado de una galleta de chocolate con una sonrisa en su cara y me estaba volviendo loco. Luego empezamos a dar un paseo por la ciudad, mirando las fachadas de tiendas y disfrutar de las galerías de arte. De vez en cuando traté de darle un poco de pagar de nuevo apretando el culo y nalgadas ella cuando nadie miraba. Finalmente llegamos a una sala de cine y me sorprendió gratamente encontrar que estábamos realmente los únicos en el teatro, además de las personas par en la primera fila. Nos pusimos en la parte de atrás y yo estaba emocionado de ver lo que estas dos horas por delante de nosotros iba a ceder. Nos sentamos y empezó a acariciar entre sí. Entonces ella comenzó a besar por mi pecho. Poco a poco y tortuosamente llegó a mis pantalones. Ella estaba besando suavemente arriba y abajo mi creciente bulto, lamiendo de vez en cuando. Y entonces ella me tomó la cremallera en los dientes y tiró hacia abajo mientras se desabrochaba el botón de mi con las manos. Entonces ella comenzó a tirar de mis pantalones abajo. Entonces ella comenzó a chupar la punta de la longitud a través de mis calzoncillos boxer. Hacer círculos con su lengua. Mientras hacía esto me deslizaba lentamente mi mano por su espalda, y suavemente apretando su culo, pero entonces ella me miró y con un rostro severo, me dijo que parar y disfrutar de lo que estaba por venir, ya que ella me dio una guiño sexy. Luego se fue hacia abajo y poco a poco empezó a tirar de mis boxeadores, revelando poco a poco más y más de mi polla hasta que falló con un globo y se deslizó sobre sus labios. 
Ella lamió todo el camino hasta la longitud de mi eje y besó la cabeza y empezó a lamer los círculos en la parte superior. Luego se pasó la lengua por todo el camino hacia abajo y tomó una de mis bolas en la boca y lo chupó y lamió a ambos. Me estaba volviendo loco. Y luego se lamió la espalda y me llevó hasta el fondo, arcadas como me golpeó la parte posterior de su garganta. Y el. Ella subió y bajó tan jodidamente rápido, mientras jugaba con mis bolas en la mano. Entonces me enredé mis manos en su pelo me cogí a la boca y, a continuación, le daba el control otra vez y en unos pocos minutos, me sentí a punto de cum, le dije y ella envolvió su boca a mi alrededor y le ordeñaba con todas sus fuerzas vale la pena, entonces ella se acercó, sacó la lengua para mostrarme todo mi semen, y luego se tragó y me dio un gran beso. Mientras nos besábamos empujé sobre su espalda y comencé a besar su cuello suavemente y de vez en cuando me lamió y mordió suavemente. Ella comenzó a pasar sus manos por el pelo, y me chupó el cuello un poco, no lo suficiente como para dejar una marca, pero lo suficiente para que ella tire de mi pelo. Entonces empecé a besar inferior, mordiéndose el pezón a través de su camisa, y pellizcando el otro en mi mano libre. Haciéndola gemir y chillar un poco. Entonces me di un beso a mi fondo de su estómago y cuando llegué a su pelvis empecé a levantar su camisa y besé mi camino de regreso hasta sus pechos maculate. Llegué a la espalda y desabrochó el broche a la espalda y le besé la parte superior de sus tetas. Luego, deslizando sus sostenes off, tomé su pecho en mi boca y chupé con mucha fuerza y apreté el otro. 
De vez en cuando me lamer y morder un pezón ligeramente mientras me pellizcaba y saqué el otro tan duro como pude. Ella realmente le gusta a la intemperie cuando se trataba de sus tetas. Y todo este tiempo yo estaba masajeando su clítoris sobre su falda con la mano libre. Y después de un tiempo empecé a besar a la baja. Besar la parte superior de los muslos a través de su falda y por sus pantorrillas. Entonces miré a los ojos y comencé a lamer mi camino hasta sus piernas, y levantando su falda me lamió todo el camino hasta la parte interior de los muslos y cuando llegué hasta el final hasta, me sorprendió gratamente encontrar que estaba no llevaba nada de ropa interior. Me detuve justo en frente de labios de su coño, dando un soplo caliente para burlarse de ella, y ella empezó a gemir y retorcerse. Rogándome que lamerle el ya, el suspenso la estaba matando. Entonces, me lamió a lo largo del borde exterior de los labios ahora furiosas. Y ella dio un pequeño grito. Ese pequeño grito de placer me volvió loca y me lamió la longitud de su coño, conseguir la mayor cantidad de jugos de la suya en mi boca. Ella sabía a dulce, el tipo de dulce que hace que sus ojos se cierran en el placer. Nunca quise dejar de saborear ese dulce, jugo dulce. Me lamió todo el camino hacia arriba. Y encendió su clítoris con mi lengua. Luego me envolvió una mano alrededor de su pierna y presioné hacia abajo en esta área a escasos centímetros arriba de su clítoris. A ella le encanta ese lugar. Y como me rodeé y chupé suavemente sobre su clítoris, me llevé un dedo, y poco a poco lo empujó adentro. Torcer lentamente a medida que lo saqué, y luego repetí una y otra vez. Ella me gritaba para ir más rápido y más rápido. Y entonces sentí este pequeño bache de inicio para crecer en el interior de su coño. Era muy pequeña y difícil de notar, pero me pareció que todo lo mismo. Instintivamente comencé a hacer un movimiento venir acá con mi dedo. Tratando de abarcar este maravilloso pequeño bache. Entonces me di cuenta de que estaba a punto de acabar con sólo unos minutos de estos. Ella estaba gritando en voz baja "Oh, mierda", y "oh dios, sí bebé, por favor!" Así como otras frases incompletas. Luego puse un segundo dedo dentro y empecé a duplicar el ritmo de mi movimiento "ven acá", haciendo en conjunto con mi otro dedo. entonces conseguí la mejor sorpresa que podría haber pedido nunca para. Ella comenzó a chorro por toda la cara. Ella llegaba en oleadas, primero con un fuerte flujo de su dulce néctar, entonces comenzó a disparar hacia fuera, traté de conseguir tanto como pude en mi boca, pero no había mucho, y luego el squirting calmó y ella fluyó pesada una vez más y luego empezó a gotear hacia abajo.

Todo a nuestro alrededor estaba empapada, y sentí su tirando de mi pelo, haciéndome subir a besarla. Y ella me besó más duro de lo que nunca me había besado. Ella envolvió sus piernas alrededor de mi cintura y comenzó a moler a sí misma en mi entrepierna. Apretó a sí misma en mí con fuerza. Entonces se detuvo a besarme el tiempo suficiente para decirme que necesitaba todo de mí en ese momento. Sus manos encontraron su camino a mi polla furiosa y se la apretó y me dijeron que era de ella. Eso me convirtió en tan jodidamente mucho, y me empujó a los ocho centímetros en su coño poco apretado y ella me apretó con sus piernas y tiró de mi cabeza contra su pecho. Empecé a meter mi polla en heras duro y tan rápido como pude. Tomé uno de sus pechos en mi boca y lo chupó como me cogí su profundo interior. Estamos jodidos por unos buenos veinte minutos más. Nos abrazamos y abrazamos apretado, y luego ambos llegamos al unísono. Fue espectacular, de partida de nuestro cuerpo para convulsionar en tándem, cada ola de orgasmos o golpear entre sí, combinando en el mejor orgasmo que ninguno de nosotros había sentido hasta ese momento de nuestras vidas. Nos abrazamos apretado para bien mucho tiempo, sin querer hacer otra cosa, no nos fijamos en cualquier otro lugar, nos centramos en la otra. Nada podría llevarnos aparte. Nos sentimos como si fuéramos uno en ese momento. Entonces los dos finalmente nos dieron una copia de seguridad, y vimos que los créditos que rodar, y los dos nos pusimos a reír y celebrar entre sí con más fuerza. Nunca olvidaré ese momento, pero por supuesto, no habría muchas más aventuras entre nosotros. Muchos más;)